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Mobile Showroom – Responsible Drinking Road Block

Traffic Officials with the Orisons Mobile Showroom









2010 World Cup frenzy is at an all time high and with the numbers expected to hit South African roads the public are being encouraged to be safe at all times. Orisons Mobile Showroom ( OMS ) and South African Breweries assisted the Cape Town Traffic Departmenton Wednesday the 9th June to kick off the Responsible Drinking campaign on our roads . 

Road Block



Orisons Promoters Encouraging Responsible Drinking


With a powerful police presence the Orisons Mobile Showroom was utilised  along the N1 via Worcester to create awareness amongst the drivers hitting the highways as the holiday season begins. 

Kitted out with breathalyzers , coffee  , snacks and awareness material – this Road Block was a first in South Africa . Along with a Coca Cola truck and our Mobile Showroom this road block promoted a positive way to  manage testing the drivers on our roads . Drivers young and old were persuaded to partake in voluntary alcohol testing and in return could enjoy receiving various promotional gifts as well as pull over for a warm coffee before heading off on their journey. 


The Western Province Minister of Community Safety- Adv. Lennit Max also attended this one of a kind road block to show his support for the Responsible Drinking  initiative. 

Minister Lennit Max and Natasha Van Diemen

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